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I guess the talking is down to you!


3 Responses to “Discussion page”

  1. Outraged about the cancellation of the third series. How dare they do this to us!

    BBC, if you are reading this then get your act together, what do you think you’re playing at?!

    Survivors fans, if you are reading this then stop wasting your time reading this and do something about it.

    Have you done these?

    Typed out a comment of complaint to the BBC
    Added a signature, join the petition
    Joined the Facebook campaign
    Added your comments to BBC TV – Survivors

    Lets just hope a miracle will happen!

  2. I have some questions –

    Why wasn’t Abby shouting Peter like she always did when going around the caravan park in the last episode?

    Did Peter know Dr Whittakers lab assistant and if so why did Peter shoot?

    Why would Anya be all ” It’s what we do now that matters ” one minute and the next ” This is going no where. I can’t love you ” with Tom?

    Please someone help!

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