Series three campaign

Even though the BBC has said there will be no series three it does not mean that we will not get it. If every Survivors fan does everything they can to stop it I’m sure something will come out of it.

I won’t bore you with things you already know such as reasons there should be another series but I will teach you some things.

As BBC license payers we should have the right to have something decent on the channels we are paying for.

We do not only need to say ” I want a third series!” but we also have to say ” We have the right to have a third series!”.

It is important to come up with good reasons on why we should have a third series like the one above – not clogging up the BBC with emails of fans pleading for another series, that will not make the BBC rethink their decision.

Lets all remember why they canceled the third series as well. The rates were so low that it was a risk to go to all the work to make another series. I know you are probably reading this and thinking ‘ So? What about all the fans?’. I agree, but just remember that the cast want to do another series as well. I guess it is just not up to them to make another series though.

It’s like the BBC have planted lots of plants. Those plants never grew, but when a different one came along that every one loved it grew bigger and bigger and bigger until the BBC chopped it down and binned it.

So whatever you want, a final episode or another series just sign the petition online and add your signature and also type a letter of complaint out to the BBC.

It just makes you wonder, though. How can things like ‘the bill’ and ‘Doctors’ still be going on and Survivors is gone.

The BBC saying they need to replace it with something new, what? A new series of rubbish Outnumbered or some reality rubbish? What have they done? The fact that they even considered scrapping it is outrageous. Come on, us fans need to pull together!

Survivors series three campaign – A third series will be ours.


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  1. I totally agree!


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