Write your own Survivors

If you were Adrian Hodges would you create another series? If so, what would happen? What would some of the disasters be? Or maybe there would be good things that happen in your Survivors? When it finally finishes, will there be a twist to the story? Please send us your comments jam packed with ideas and maybe even speech that might happen in your Survivors series.


3 Responses to “Write your own Survivors”

  1. I think the book is better but ( WARNING, IF YOU HAVEN’T READ THE BOOK YET BUT WANT TO DON’T READ THIS NEXT BIT!) in the book it is annoying that Abby dies and Tom just leaves because he can’t drive the boat. In my survivors I would cut out the lab nonsense and have less Survivor groups. Plus I wouldn’t have the plane to wherever it’s going to, in the book they cut that out too.

    • Yeah, I agree. As well in the book there is no lab – you said that in your Survivors you wouldn’t have any lab but you didn’t say if the book had a lab or not. They should make a Survivors series not based on the book but actually the same as the book as well as the old Survivors and this recent remake. TIP – If you loved Survivors and haven’t watched ‘ The last Train’ you should consider watching it. The last Train is all about a scientist who knows that a huge asteroid that will destroy the world will land that hour. She is on the train and is late to get to the ARCH to meet her fellow scientists to go underground and protect themselves. The asteroid lands when she is on the train so she throws out a canister of freeze ice so she and the rest of the people on the train can sleep out the worst of it. When they wake up weeks, months maybe even years later they realize the full destruction. You should watch it. Plus there are packs of man eating dogs on the lookout for food – them!

  2. In my Survivors I wouldn’t have Al being such a clueless idiot at the start in the first episode.

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